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Reverend Vaughan M. Quinn is executive director of Detroit’s Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center and its Memphis treatment center. Under Reverend Quinn’s direction The Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center has undergone significant growth and development since its 1967 founding including the opening of the Memphis treatment center which began operating in 1977.

Reverend Quinn was born in Montreal, Canada in 1933. He is a Canadian citizen and permanent U.S resident. Reverend Quinn received his education from The University of Ottawa where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s Degree. He entered the Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate in Montreal in 1956. He received clinical training in the Area of Alcoholism from the University of Edmonton and clinical training in psychiatry from the University of Saskatchewan. He has received certificates from the Alberta Division of Alcoholism, Ontario Addiction Research Foundation, Rutgers School of Alcohol Studies, Utah School of Alcoholism, North Conway Institute on Alcoholism and Training for Professionals from St. Louis, Missouri.  A recovered alcoholic, Reverend Quinn underwent treatment for alcoholism at Guest House Treatment Center for Religious Priests and Brothers from 1965 to 1966.

In past years Reverend Quinn has served on the Mayor’s Committee on Alcoholism Problems, the Mayor’s Committee on Substance Abuse, and the Wayne Country Inter Agency on Alcoholism. He has also served as a member of the Wayne County Substance Abuse Services Advisory Council, the Michigan Association of Alcoholism Counselors, Inc., and the Metropolitan Forum of Alcoholics.
Presently Reverend Quinn is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and Guest House Alumni Association where he has been vice president of the alumni association Board of Directors for twelve years. He also serves on the National Clergy Conference on Alcoholism and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Advisory Committee. 

Award was presented at the Works of Mercy Dinner, 1984.  

Mercy College of Detroit

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