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Your achievements and vision in your professional life make us proud to recall your long association with the Jesuits dating back to your student days at the University of Detroit High School and the University of Detroit. You began your career as a salesman at National Gypsum, a Fortune 500 Company. Through 39 years of dedication you have risen to the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, raising the fortunes of the company with you. You have spearheaded the diversification, acquisitions and international expansion that have greatly strengthened National Gypsum and increased its profits. But the business world is not the only recipient of your vast talents. You recently returned to your alma mater to share your business acumen with our MBA students and you have helped the University with its Capital Drive and Marketing Program. We recognize the tremendous philanthropic contributions you have made both nationally and locally including your work as chairman of the annual giving drive of Canisius College and your leadership on a housing policy board for Harvard-MIT. Your continuing concern for the community is a true reflection of the Jesuit ideal of service to others.
Award was presented at the President’s Cabinet Nineteenth Annual Awards Dinner, May 3, 1986.

University of Detroit

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