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When people think of U of D, many think of Ken Elliot. You have been an ardent supporter of the University for the last 46 years. First, as a student and Titan football player, then as the successful entrepreneur you have become. An original member of E.D.G.E. and the Titan Club, your help has enabled us to offer athletic opportunities to student years after year. As president of Kenmar Corporation, the successful company you founded, your duties are rigorous. Yet, you still find time to give the University your tireless support in so many ways-from your founding membership in the President’s Cabinet— to your guidance and counsel as a member of the Board of Trustees. Your generosity goes further though, to reach into many arenas in our community including the Juvenile Diabetes Association and the Boy Scouts of America. You are not a person to sit on the sidelines. The University of Detroit is proud to recognize you as a lifelong member of the Titan team.
Award was presented at the President's Cabinet Nineteenth Annual Awards Dinner, May 3, 1986.

University of Detroit

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