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A loyal, honorary alumnus of the University of Detroit, a person who has given his energies and resources to the University for many years, and Insignis member of The President’s Cabinet since 1972 and a vocal U of D booster, we honor you with a President’s Cabinet Award. You are a person who has distinguished yourself in public as well as private life with the contributions you have made. In 1935 at age 18 you worked an open-hearth furnace for Ford at $5 a day. You witnessed the bloody birth of the UAW in the late 30’s and rose to general manager of Ford’s steel operations in 1968. In 1975 you became group vice president in basic products, directing divisions in steel, glass; paint, plastics and vinyl; and foundries, a post you held until your retirement in 1981. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel, the seventh largest steel company in the country was on the edge of bankruptcy in 1985 and you were called out of retirement to take over its operations as executive vice president and chief operating officer. As you pulled the company toward solvency and resolved the labor impasse you became known as “the Iacocca of the steel industry” for your tough, vigorous style. The emergency over, you retired again last March. Typically, you thought first of others as you placed your separating allowance in a fund for a new educational foundation for Wheeling-Pittsburgh employees and their families. We wish you well in retirement, George, but we can’t help but believe that you we be called into action again as your immense talents are in much demand.
Award was presented at the President's Cabinet Tweltieth Annual Awards Dinner, 1987.

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