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Sister Arline C. Schmeer, O.P, Ph.D., is a Dominican nun who for the past 15 years has spearheaded new and important work in cancer research. A Ph.D. in cellubar biology from the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado, Sr. Schmeer is presently Program Director for Research on Anticancer Agents of Marine Origin at the AMC Cancer Research Center and Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Her research has resulted in the development of an extract from clams which is non-toxic to normal human body cells but lethal in destroying cancer cells. The extract, called Mercenene, is taken from the Cherrystone Clam. Sr. Schmeer was the first to discover that marine invertebrates are virtually immune to cancer. Her further research showed that the injection of the extract Mercenene resulted in an 80 to 100 percent regression of cancer malignancies in mice. It may prove to be one of the most important discoveries ever in cancer research.
Award was presented at the President's Cabinet Twelfth Annual Awards Dinner, April 27, 1979.

University of Detroit

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