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From time to time it is proper for the University of Detroit to single out individual men and women whose lives illustrate what is meant by the achievement of an ideal. Tonight on the occasion of its 75th anniversary year, the University has chosen to be especially bountiful not only in the number of those whom it presents for emulation and for honor, but also in the wide diversity of the vocations in which they have made their dreams come true. I present, Very Reverend President, for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature: Mother Elizabeth T. Britt, Religious of the Sacred Heart, alumna of Manhattanville College and of Fordham University, educator, teacher of philosophy and of literature, author, who as President of the International College of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo has since 1948 by rare administrative and organizational ability found friends to build for the college a splendid modern structure, attracted to it a numerous student body and an excellent faculty, and gave it such high standards as to win enthusiastic academic approval from the Japanese Ministry of Education. This gracious lady, of rare ability and rarer charm, has indeed been an ambassadress of good will between America and Japan. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 11, 1952.

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