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Kenneth Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador to Iran and now Consul-General for the Canadian Consulate General, was thrust into the international spotlight last year when the world learned of his courageous and compassionate act – the sheltering of Americans during the Iranian crisis. He not only risked his life by finding refuge for Americans, but unselfishly continued his aid until those involved were safely out of the country. As Consul-General, he serves as Canada’s representative to the United States in parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, handling immigration, media relations, investment banking, and trade. A graduate of the University of Toronto and the MBA program at the University of California-Berkeley, he has been honored with the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, the Hass International Award from the University of California-Berkeley, and the Detroit-Windsor International Freedom Festival Award, among others.
Award was presented at the President's Cabinet Fourteenth Annual Awards Dinner, May 1, 1981.

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