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A business executive, eminent in his profession; before his recent retirement, a vice president of Ford Motor Company, Earl G. Ward has turned his inquiring mind and astute judgment toward the solution of the many financial and administrative problems and crises plaguing today's college campus. Throughout his career he was noted for undertaking and solving problems deemed insolvable. To Mercy College of Detroit he has brought the wisdom, the balance of common sense, and judgment of invaluable measure to the efficiency of college management. For years an officer in the president's Council of the College, and more recently a charter lay member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Ward was ecumenical before the ecumenic became popular, using his talents for the growth and development of Mercy College of Detroit. His career has been significantly marked by integrity, loyalty, and dedication, and rightfully it can be said of him: "Great in saving common sense and as the greatest only are - in his simplicity, sublime." To such dedicated men our whole society is indebted, and to acknowledge this indebtedness is an obligation we here proudly assume in bestowing upon him one of our highest recognitions, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa. Commencement, Mercy College of Detroit, June 5, 1966.

Mercy College of Detroit

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