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The Sister of Mercy honored today has served her religious family with generous dedication and efficiency in the difficult role of financial administration for the past twenty-five years. Mercy College of Detroit in its newly completed campus building enjoys the fruits of Sister Marietta's courage, planning, and prudence. The long view, the daring, the persistent progress toward the goal, all belie any implication that the quiet life of a nun is unproductive of reaching results. She has been an exponent of the authentic principle, "Harmonize your work with your faith." She has pointed the way of selfless service to her associates, lay and religious, and shown the joyousness that flows from the humble way of the Master, filling the corners of life with a goodly measurement of merriment and enthusiasm. To this member of its Board of Trustees for the past six years, Mercy College of Detroit acknowledges its great indebtedness and today pays its meed of honor to Sister Marietta Hogan of the Religious Sisters of Mercy and it is my privilege to present her for the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, Mercy College of Detroit, May 7, 1967.

Mercy College of Detroit

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