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United State Representative from Michigan

Honorary Doctor of Laws



It is with pride today that Mercy College of Detroit bestows one of its highest academic honors on an illustrious representative from Michigan to the Congress of the United States. For several years Martha Griffiths has devoted herself to public service of her city, state, and nation. She has brought to her career a keen and well-trained mind, a wide knowledge of men and of affairs, a passion for facts as the only sound basis for decisions, and the courage to make and uphold these decisions. Expressing her love of country by continued and devoted labor in the maelstrom of public life, she has been alert and effective with few peers in the field of political endeavors. Public spirited and superbly courageous, she constantly speaks the voice of the people. She presents the uncontested evidence that woman's voice is needed to be heard in high places. She has been distinguished for her dignified, brave leadership; welding womanly qualities with lustrous statesmanship. Only the courage, imagination, and initiative which she has consistently demonstrated, will lead our country out of the shadows which encompass it today into the light of a new and better tomorrow. Government needs more women of her caliber shaping its destiny. With pride in her stature as a womanly woman in public life, who eminently fulfills her responsibilities, Mercy College of Detroit offers to Michigan's representative to the Congress of the United States, Martha W. Griffiths, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa. Commencement, Mercy College of Detroit, June 5, 1966.

Mercy College of Detroit

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