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President, Eastern Michigan University

Honorary Doctor of Laws



Your outstanding public service career has already extended through all levels of government, municipal, county and federal. A native Detroiter and project of Jesuit education from your youth, your career in public life has been in the mold of that tradition of excellence. In addition to dynamic leadership on all levels of government, you long have been noted as an educator, serving as a lecturer in government at many Michigan universities. Your appointment as President of Eastern Michigan University more than two years ago established you as one of higher education's leading spokesmen in the state. Your Alma Mater recognizes you today for the many accomplishments in your past and the years of outstanding service still to come. Reverend President, it is my privilege to present, Dr. James H. Brickley for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, School of Law, May 21, 1977.

University of Detroit

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