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Background information is taken from letters of support for Dr. Weinstein receiving an honorary degree found in archive files. "I have had the pleasure of being intimately associated with our friend ever since 1914, and I have yet to find his superior in knowledge of dental physics and metallurgy. His latest work with the United States Bureau of Standards - a work which we who know him well realize that he had done without any mercenary motives and even at a financial loss to himself, alone stamps him as our foremost research man in dental metallurgy in this country. The fact is that we practically had no metallurgy worthy of the name until Weinstein took hold, and we hope he will never stop taking hold. This you may take as a statement from a man who has been associated with dentistry for thirty-two years, and who knows whereof he speaks." (Dr. Norman B. Nesbett letter to Dr. A. Alfred Nelson) "I have known Louis J. Weinstein for many years, having been associated with him at Columbia University some years ago. He was an honorary clinician at one of our State Meeting where he ably presented a great many scientific phases of his particular specialty, which are generally accepted by the general profession. His article in the work of Peeso has always been a credit and shows his scientific ability." (Dr. George W. Winter letter to Dr. A. Alfred Nelson) "...I have had close personal touch with him in his work during the past twelve years. His tireless, unselfish expenditure of time and energy in the interest of the scientific advancement of dentistry deserves all the recognition possible to give him. To me his most outstanding achievement is the practical application of his gifts to dentistry, for without it fixed and removable bridgework as well as orthodontia would not occupy the high degree of perfection that they enjoy today." (Dr. George A. Thompson letter to Dr. A. Alfred Nelson) Commencement, University of Detroit, June 8, 1926.

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