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Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



As a leader in the psychoanalytic community, your contributions and influence are far reaching. From the genesis of your involvement in Sigmund Freud's Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, you have shown an unselfish concern for all people. Your strength of character and principles was evident during the Nazi occupation of Vienna; when as a gesture of solidarity, you chose exile with your Jewish colleagues rather than succumb to the evils of the Nazi regime. Constantly striving to broaden the field of psychoanalysis, you have written many papers and authored several books. The University is very proud to administer the Sterba Fund in your honor, and as a guest speaker for the doctoral program, you have added a new dimension of insight and integrity. Your contribution of over 50 volumes from your personal library and several complete issues of psychoanalytical journals indicate your desire to share your wealth of insight and experience. We are proud to acknowledge your distinguished career and to present you with this Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 13, 1989.

University of Detroit

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