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Director, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



As Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research at the National Institute of Health, you have provided the remarkable vision and leadership to promote scientific research in the field of dentistry. Your innovation and selfless dedication to the advancement of medical knowledge have earned you widespread recognition and the high regard of your peers. Throughout an exceptional 35-year career as director, professor and researcher on various scientific activities, you have demonstrated a level of professional commitment and perseverance that is an inspiration to all. Your notable research in craniofacial development and molecular genetics has led to important discoveries that have benefited countless men and women. You have also published hundreds of books and articles, adding significant knowledge to the field of dentistry. Your stewardship, management and strategic vision have been instrumental in promoting dental research and science education programs nationwide. You were solely responsible for creating the nation's first doctoral program in craniofacial biology. You have also helped initiate a National Science Foundation program that offers high school students and teachers an opportunity to conduct research in university laboratories and clinics, opening the exciting world of science to a myriad of young minds. Because of your exceptional professional abilities, you have earned numerous awards and accolades from such distinguished organizations as the American Dental Association, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, International Association for Dental Research, National Institutes of Health and countless others. As acknowledgement of the breadth and depth of your accomplishments, you were also granted honorary degrees from six other academic institutions. In recognition of your tremendous contributions to the field of dental education and medical research, the University of Detroit Mercy is proud to confer upon you the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit Mercy, School of Dentistry, May 20, 2000.

University of Detroit Mercy

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