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Honorary Doctor of Laws



In a time when women are achieving deserved leadership positions in the world-wide business community, you have personally adhered to the highest professional standards and set an example for all business people to emulate. You have long been recognized as a leading articulator of current economic theories. As an editorial writer, commentator and nationally syndicated columnist, you shared your keen insight into urban economics with innumerable Americans. As a professor and editor you teach from a broad knowledge base, skillfully directing students aiming for distinguished business careers. As a member of several major corporate boards your influence always combines a clear understanding of complex economic issues with carefully studied considerations of the impact theoretical applications have on the every-day world. Your Alma Mater, the University of Detroit, expresses its affectionate pride and respect to you today as it confers upon you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 14, 1977.

University of Detroit

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