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Doctor, Commander, Naval Reserve Medical Corps

Honorary Doctor of Science



Bachelor of arts of the University of Detroit, and Doctor of Medicine of its sister institution St. Louis University, formerly Chief of Staff of several others; who by his research, publications and consulting practice has won prominence in the medical profession not only in this country but also abroad; outstanding investigator and student in the field of endocrinology and collaborator with the late Dr. William Engelback in the preparation of a recognized four-volume text in that field; generous in service first as lieutenant in the Naval Medical Corps in World War I immediately after an accelerated graduation, more recently as Commander in the Naval Reserve medical Corps during nearly four years of World War II. Is recommended for the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, and to be placed on the roll of those who the University has deemed worthy of special distinction. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 15, 1949.

University of Detroit

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