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Poet and Publisher; University Professor and Librarian

Honorary Doctor of Literature



During a period of our nation's history when very few were listening, your Broadside Press provided an opportunity for Black poets to speak to, and for their people. A true pioneer, you were a driving force in publishing Black authors long before trends demanded such exposure. You have been appropriately described as both "a giant in our time" and a "modest man." Internationally known and respected, your very humour and kind, gentle caring continue to support and guide your poets and writers in their creative endeavors. The strong message of your own poetry enriches all who read it. At the university, you quietly lead faculty members and students alike to a broader view of life. The student poetry competitions and awards you instituted added immeasurably to our cultural life. Your presence and works brought new and exiting dimension to the University community. The University of Detroit acclaims your accomplishments and expresses its respect and admiration for your unique contributions to American literature. It is a privilege to award you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 14, 1977.

University of Detroit

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