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Chairman of the Board and CEO, Ford Motor Company

Honorary Doctor of Science



During your 38-year career with Ford Motor Company, you have distinguished yourself as a dedicated and enthusiastic leader in the automotive industry. From your early employment as a college trainee at the Steel Division to your current post as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, your contributions and successes have been many. During your five years abroad as president and later chairman of Ford of Europe, you guided that subsidiary to record earnings. In your next assignment as executive vice president of Ford's North American Automotive Operations, you were directly responsible for bringing this operation back to profitability. And, later as Ford's chief operating officer - first as president and then vice chairman - you helped direct the company to the most profitable five-year period in its history. You are recognized as a staunch supporter of the teamwork concept, and share credit for the company's dramatic turnaround with your entire Ford team. Your strong work ethic and commitment to quality, which developed during your early years, have been evident throughout your lifetime. In addition to your professional responsibilities, you generously share your time and talents with your community as an active member of many charitable organizations and as an advisor to several university business and alumni programs. In recognition of your leadership in the automotive industry and your contributions to business and to the community, we are proud to present you with this Honorary Doctor of Science Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 12, 1990.

University of Detroit

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