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Chairman and CEO, General Motors Corporation

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



Every age needs its prophets of hope, persons of vision who are able to fuse disparate elements into a new synthesis, a program for future greatness. In the thirteenth century, a Dominican friar named Thomas Aquinas seized on the rediscovered riches of he philosopher "Aristotle, considered by man hopelessly alien to Christianity, and brilliantly integrated this philosophy with the truths of Christian revelation, producing a synthesis on which was built the greatness of an entire era. He gave us the hope that faith seeking understanding is an attainable goal. Twentieth century America has its own prophets of hope, its own great synthesizers. One of these is Thomas Aquinas Murphy. Displaying a brilliance all his own, he has worked to fuse the instruments of forecasting, production and marketing into an astonishing story of success for a giant industry. Equally important for the country as a whole, almost a year ago when the economy was still uncertain and forecasts were extremely guarded, he confidently predicted a year of extraordinary care sales, and in so doing he galvanized the hopes of an entire nation. All our lives are enriched by persons with the quality of hope; their vision and accomplishments are the indispensable underpinnings of a new age of greatness. We are indebted to you, Mr. Murphy, for the hope and courage you have given us all. Reverend President, it is my privilege to present Mr. Thomas A. Murphy for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 15, 1976.

University of Detroit

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