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The Honorable Frank Murphy, Governor of the sovereign State of Michigan; scholastic son and Bachelor of Laws of the University of Michigan; five years professor of Law at the University of Detroit; honorary Doctor of Laws of the University of Santo Tomas, of Manila, once the oldest institution of learning under the American flag; who in rapid succession and with unusual distinction served this community in a variety of public offices, culminating in that of its chief executive - Mayor of Detroit, - meriting meanwhile the esteem of our citizenry by his conscientious fidelity to the highest ideal and principles of democratic government; who as Governor General of the Philippine Islands, and later as High Commissioner, played a leading role in the peaceful establishment of the Philippine Commonwealth, winning thereby the undying gratitude of the Filipino people as the champion of their independence; who within the few brief months of his term as Governor of this State, has met most serious problems with tact and patience and human sympathy, and has striven to effect a better understanding between capital and labor, guarding meanwhile with jealous care as his supreme responsibility the sacred interests of the public good, Is recommended for the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, and to be placed on the roll of those whom the university has chosen for its academic honors. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 8, 1937.

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