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Cardinal, Archdiocese of Detroit

Honorary Doctor of Laws



Archbishop of Detroit, scholastic son of schools closely linked with American Catholic tradition, St. Charles College and St. Mary's Seminary of Maryland; Doctor of Divinity of the North American College, Rome, and later its Spiritual Director; who as Apostolic delegate to India and Japan, handled difficult and delicate church problems with understanding, tact and statesmanship; who, as Archbishop and Metropolitan of this Archdiocese, has not only provided high leadership in purely spiritual affairs, but has built up an efficient organization of all related Catholic activities, and established a sound and comprehensive financial structure for the future; who, as Chairman of the Executive board of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, has guided Catholic opinion in important issues of the day, and represented the Catholic mind in high counsels on matters of relationship of Church and state; -- always a trustworthy guide, an inspiring leader, and a fearless champion of Catholic truth. Is recommended for the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, and adoption into the family of the University's alumni. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 2, 1943.

University of Detroit

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