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Professor of Philosophy, University of Detroit Mercy

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



Your exceptional leadership and contributions to the University of Detroit Mercy are evident to numerous students, faculty and other members of our esteemed academic community. Through more than 30 years of devoted service, you have distinguished yourself as a visionary leader, exceptional educator and faithful confidant, enriching life at the University in immeasurable ways. Your outstanding work as a teacher of philosophy has changed the lives and paths of countless men and women. After decades of work, even with significant changes in society and culture, you continue to exercise an important influence in their lives. Today, innumerable alumni count you as both cherished role model and friend. Your academic accomplishments are held in high esteem by your colleagues. You have published numerous books and articles on Christian-Marxist perspectives in the field of liberation theology. You have earned national recognition for your academic contributions and are regularly called upon to share your insights with others. As a result of your professional achievements, you were honored in 1980 with the President's award for Excellence in Teaching and Research. You have demonstrated an unfailing commitment to the improvement of the University's intellectual, spiritual and social life. You are widely recognized for your leadership and participation in numerous committees, including the Mission Effectiveness Committee, Faculty Development Committee, University Core Curriculum Committee and Honors Program. You have also served as Rector of the University's Jesuit Community and as a Trustee of the University from 1991 to 1997. Your wise counsel and unfailing vision have helped guide the University throughout the years, including times of great societal and academic change. Your generous contributions of intellect, compassion and challenge bring life to our mission and inspire us all. In recognition of your tireless dedication and wisdom, the University of Detroit Mercy is proud to confer upon you the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit Mercy, May 13, 2000.

University of Detroit Mercy

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