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When the Roman poet Vergil was casting about for a suitable epithet with which to canonize the traditional founder of the Roman race, he chose a term which is best rendered into English by the word "loyal." Loyal Aeneas was the paragon of Roman manhood. Vergil was right for the stature of a man is measured by his loyalties. The story of Thomas Keating is a story of loyalty: of loyalty to God, to his country, to his family and friends, and to his business associates. The organization to which he has devoted forty years of distinguished service has been to him not merely a company but a companionship. Toward each of his associates, Mr. Keating's attitude has always been: I am my brother's keeper. Mr. Keating's loyalty has been extended in a special way to the city of Detroit, his adopted home, and to the Archdiocese of Detroit, the symbol of his religious faith. These loyalties have prompted him to take a deep personal interest in the Jesuits of the new Detroit province. His broad experience has made him keenly aware of the spiritual needs of present day society, and he feels that the Jesuits have a distinctive and important mission to fulfill in the life of metropolitan Detroit and of the State of Michigan. Hence, when he was requested to assist the Detroit Province in its urgent task of building a seminary home for the education of young men destined by God to carry on this mission, he generously consented to assume the leadership of our fund raising campaign. This leadership is our guarantee of success, for it has behind it the supernatural faith of the man, the influence which he wields in the community, and the whole-hearted enthusiasm of a devoted and loyal personality. Such leadership cannot fail to attract others to claim a share in the apostolate to which the Society of Jesus has dedicated itself. Fr. Mr. Keating's magnificent participation in our cause we are humbly grateful. The Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws was presented to Mr. Keating during Commencement, University of Detroit, June 13, 1957.

University of Detroit

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