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Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

Honorary Doctor of Laws



Raised in a family atmosphere of public service, you have spent much of your outstanding career tirelessly serving the people of Michigan in a wide variety of roles. Serving on Michigan's highest court since 1968, you have fulfilled the demanding tasks that come to the Chief Justice's office with great skill and aplomb since your initial election to the State's highest judicial office in 1975. In the public arena for more than 25 years, you are justifiably noted as one of the University of Detroit's highly distinguished alumni. At the peak of Michigan's judicial pyramid, you are looked to with pride and admiration by fellow jurists on the nearly 250 trial-level courts throughout the State. Your Alma Mater points to you with great pride. Reverend President, it is my privilege to present the Honorable Thomas Giles Kavanagh for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, School of Law, May 21, 1977.

University of Detroit

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