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Internationally Recognized Chemist and Developer of AZT, and Anti-Cancer and Anti-Aids Drug

Honorary Doctor of Science



The chance to make a difference -- this has been the driving force behind your quest to find a cure for two of the most devastating diseases facing mankind, cancer and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Your persistence in the fields of medical research as chairman of the chemistry department at the Michigan Cancer Foundation in Detroit has enabled you to make that difference. Your work has contributed to significantly better health for thousands of people throughout the world. You have discovered many new drugs including AZT, a drug developed to fight cancer which is now used in the battle against AIDS. Your dedication to improving health care makes us proud today to recognize you as an alumnus of the University of Detroit. It is with great pride that we confer upon you this Honorary Doctor of Science Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 16, 1987.

University of Detroit

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