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Chief of Research Department, Detroit Edison Company

Honorary Doctor of Engineering



Clarence Floyd Hirshfeld, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering of the University of California, Master of Mechanical Engineering of Cornell University, Chief of the Research Department of the Detroit Edison Company; equally eminent in scientific research, in breadth of scholarship and vision, and in administrative ability; who for twenty years has led a movement to liberalize and humanize the engineering profession by advocating in it not only the highest technical knowledge and skill, but also a broad general culture and a sense of social and civic responsibility; who, to promote those worthy purposes, has been the first chairman and constant guide and leader of the Engineers' Council for Professional Development, an organization which has already in six brief years greatly enhanced the dignity of the engineering profession and more particularly the academic value of engineering education, Is recommended for the degree of Doctor of Engineering, honoris causa, and to be enrolled on the list of those whom the University has singled out for special recognition. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 7, 1938.

University of Detroit

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