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Honorary Doctor of Laws



As Michigan's Secretary of State, you have crusaded tirelessly for a comprehensive and effective traffic safety program in this state. And you are succeeding. But the road has not always been an easy one for you. Your scholastic achievements and ability as a high school track star won you a scholarship, but due to family circumstances you were forced to abandon your educational goal. Still, you sold and repaired shoes, studied business administration at night and become Michigan's first black certified public accountant. As a state government official you have been instrumental in introducing innovations that have increased the overall traffic standards and saved many lives, which include child restraint legislation, a safety belt law and the retention of the state motorcycle helmet law. Your administration has been highly acclaimed for operational efficiency, convenient service and for taking greater involvement in the political process. For instance, your voter education program was the first in the nation to combine driver licensing and voter registration. And your programs for young drivers and alcohol and drug abusers have greatly improved the overall driver's education of Michigan motorists. Not one to forget his roots, you have been a supporter of the common man. Your promotion of higher education and your diligent support of programs that assist the poor and downtrodden have made you a pillar of strength and admiration in our modern society. For your extraordinary contributions in highway safety and in so many other civic, cultural and philanthropic arenas, it is a pleasure to present to you this Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 14, 1988.

University of Detroit

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