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Businessman, Philanthropist, and Fundraiser

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



As an individual who for fifty years has tirelessly dedicated himself to the advancement and support of this University as well as many other Catholic institutions in the city of Detroit, you are truly an apostle of the Christian discipline of charity. As a banker for more than four decades, and even in your retirement years, you have selflessly given others the benefit of your knowledge of financial affairs. You have served on the board of such Catholic organizations as Marygrove College, Carmel Hall, the Kundig Center and Catholic Charities of Detroit. In the true spirit of philanthropy, you have always given what matters most; yourself. You have acted as personal and professional counsel to the President of the University of Detroit for nearly a decade. The funds your efforts have generated have accounted for much of the University's growth during a significant part of its first century. And while the gifts of time, energy and influence you have so benevolently contributed to the University are immeasurable on a monetary scale, the gracious gestures of your efforts have left us physically as well as spiritually improved. Your good will and altruism have always been evidenced by the practical application of your religious faith. And as the University has always held a special place in your heart, so, too, you have earned a special place in ours. It is, indeed, with great pride, then, that we present you with this well-deserved Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 13, 1978.

University of Detroit

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