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Man grows in scope through treasuring the riches of the past and investing their interest in contemporary society. You, William Arrowsmith, as an eminent Professor of Classics, have been a justly praised ambassador to ancient Greece and Rome. In delivering lectures at colleges and universities throughout the country you have conveyed a dedication that exemplifies one of the timeless themes of those who wrote in the early days of Western Civilization. Your continuing quest for excellence is reflected in a quarter-century of distinguished scholarships and honors for outstanding teaching. Your concern and interest with the framework in which superior teaching can be accomplished is evidenced in your writings and memberships in committees on higher education. Your creative energies are revealed in stories and poems you have written. You have contributed unstintingly to the wealth of all of us in higher education. Reverend President, it is my privilege to present Dr. William Arrowsmith for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, April 28, 1973.

University of Detroit

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