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Director, Professor, Polymer Technologies, Inc.

Honorary Doctor of Science



Since coming to the United States from your native Austria in 1939, you have achieved the pinnacle of success in the field of polymer chemistry. Your acumen and dedication have led to your becoming an internationally respected pioneer in your field. After receiving your doctorate from Columbia University, you soon established yourself as a widely recognized leader in polymer research and development. Your contributions to the field are noteworthy. To name a few, you have authored over 25 books and more than 200 technical papers. You are active in numerous professional societies and you are a frequent lecturer at seminars and conferences around the world. As founder of the University's Polymer Institute during the 1960's and later in the 1980's Polymer Technologies, Inc., you brought worldwide attention to the university and soon made us a leader in polymer research, development and education. The high regard that scientists in other countries have for you is evidenced by your established relations throughout the world with many different companies and countries. You have truly led the University to the cutting edge in a field which is truly hi-tech. We are proud to acknowledge your distinguished career and your important contributions to science and industry by presenting you with this Honorary Doctor of Science Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 13, 1989.

University of Detroit

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