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Vice Dean of the Center for Community Health Partnerships at Columbia University

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



Throughout your long and illustrious career in the field of dentistry, you have earned a reputation of distinction nationally as a leader in dental education with an unwavering commitment to the advancement of oral health care in underserved communities and the promotion of diversity in the oral health workforce. For the past 29 years, you have been associated with Columbia University in New York where you served as dean of the School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Under your leadership, the dental school made significant strategic changes including the implementation of a joint medical/dental curriculum in the biomedical sciences and the expansion of community dental service. In your current position as vice dean of the Center for Community Health Partnerships at Columbia University, you have focused on developing partnerships between the university, community groups and local churches to provide improved primary and oral health care. Through your untiring efforts, you have secured millions of dollars in grants specifically designated for programs in community-based dental education and general health care. One of the most successful of these programs is the Community DentCare Network, a collaborative effort to improve access to oral health care in the underserved communities of northern Manhattan. In addition to your academic responsibilities and local community programs, you generously shared your expertise and experience with your colleagues and peers through your writings, public speaking engagements and leadership positions in national professional organizations. You have been published extensively on a broad range of dental-related subjects and have been the recipient of numerous awards including the American Dental Education Association's Distinguished Service Award, Harlem Hospital's Award for Contributions to Minority Education and Georgetown University's Distinguished Alumni Award. In recognition of your contributions to dental education, as well as your focused efforts to reduce health disparities and improve oral and general health care through community-based initiatives, the University of Detroit Mercy is proud to present you with the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit Mercy, School of Dentistry, May 19, 2007.

University of Detroit Mercy

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