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Honors Convocation

Mercy College

Institution president: Lucille, Mary, RSM

McAuley Auditorium

Special honors: Baker, Margaret Mary; Ballard, Lois Ann; Bogden, Agnes Victoria; Campbell, Joanne Carol; Cherry, Mary Kathleen; Colombo, Margaret Mary; Curran, Helen Agnes; Fordell, Pauline Ann; Foster, Mary Virginia; Grabowski, Genevieve Bernice; Hoffman, Evelyn; Hove, Anne Van; Jakubaitis, Lucille Mary; Johnson, Patricia Ann; Klepaczyk, Elizabeth Anne; Lassance, Ann; Lesnicki, Carol; Maasen, Elizabeth Clare; Mansour, Josephine Ann; Proteau, Dawn Agnes; Putters, Anne Marie; Scott, Carrie Belle; Wasco, Nancy Ann

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