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Poetic Express Volume 23

In 2008, I had a great year.  Early on, we worked on this site.  There were a few additions and refinements.  From May to July, I had an enormous exhibit at the MOCAD aka the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.  It was part of a larger group exhibit.  I also exhibited my puppet collection here at the University of Detroit Mercy library.  In August, I got to New York City, as usual.  Then, the Zeitgeist Arts Space closed its doors in November.

2008 brought the ten year anniversary of the destruction of Detroit's J.L. Hudson's Building.  One of the last exhibits at the Zeitgeist was a collection of photos of my art work that I did on that building.  The month, that it ended, Barack Obama was elected president.

Issue Number 3 was "in memory of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina casualties, and to the survivors..." 

In issue Number 6, there's a poem dedicated to Orson Welles There's also a poem called take seven for Richard Widmark, R.I.P.  lost descarga is in memory of the musician Cachao.  In Number 9 there was a poem, ABC, in memory of Detroit artist Matt Blake.  Number 10 included songster days, in memory of Utah Phillips.

Issues 23 and 24 comprised the 22nd Annual Dedications issue.  This included trumpetology for Roy Eldridge the gift of speech is for Floyd DellImmediately Upon Rising is for poet Philippe Soupault.  by the celestial sparkplug is for Man Rayhigh notes is for jazz musician Art Pepper.

Personal Favorites: include such poems as Number 2's from a travel diary, Number 7's ten thousand days (in memory of Aime Cesaire),  Number 8's transformative, Number 11's waiting for the flieflies,  Number 19's Take Two and Number 16's for twilight's sake.  Number 22 was a special issue for the Zeitgeist closing.  So long!

Number 4's SURREAL THEATRE centered on  the Society for Disaster Prevention.  Number 8's comic strip had dedications for Andre Breton, Joan Miro and Raymond Roussel.  Number 12's was a take on noise pollution.  Other SURREAL THEATRE favorites include numbers 6, 10, 20 and 24.

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