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Poetic Express Volume 22

In 2007, I curated a four person exhibit for the Zeitgeist Arts Venue.  It was called Windows to Other Worlds (with Select Artifacts).  That was in March and April.  In July, we held a big ten year anniversary celebration there.  I painted a large, triangular grouping of windows for a benefit.  In September, I was part of a Telephone Game group exhibit in a gallery in Detroit's Eastern Market.  Then too, I did a number of musical and puppet performances.  At the end of the year, this Special Collections site appeared here for the first time, live.

I dedicated issue Number 7 to the late jazz composer Andrew Hill, especially the poem Point of Departure.  The 21st Dedications Issues includes Repairs for Grace Lee Boggs.  Also, if you can do it you can do anything is for Orson Wellesthe circle of life and magic is for Paracelsusthis is it! is for Charlie Haden.  There's a poem for family & friends.  There's also a poem for the wonderful Surrealists from Chicago, Franklin and Penelope Rosemont titled Waiting for the Carnival.

SURREAL THEATRE includes references to Poptown, to an "Aphorism Cult" and to "The Society for the Easily Fooled."

Personal Favorites: include Number 9's  man overtaken by dreams,  Number 12's with paint from the mists and Number 17's My peripheral vision.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include numbers 6, 8, 10, 18 and 22.

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