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Poetic Express Volume 21

In 2006, the Zeitgeist Arts Space was still going strong.  I worked with them, including the Visual Jam Sessions.  I did the poster for the Dally in the Alley.  I did some puppet shows and played music with the Space Band and the Don't Look Now Jug Band.  I was in art exhibits at the Cass Cafe and CAID arts spaces.

SURREAL THEATRE was steeped in word play, languages and jokes, as usual.  Poems included a poem cycle on the Senses and a text On Drawing.

In Number 23 and 24, the 20th Annual Dedications Issue has the poem the night of passages dedicated to the great poet Aime Cesaire.  For painter Joan Miro, I wrote the astonishing world of eyes.  For the wild "outsider" painter Mose Tolliver, there's creatures and peoples.   In the Forest, lost is for poet Mary Low.  There's also a poem for blues singer Blind Willie McTell.

Personal Favorites: the poems Lightning from Number 1, darker than dark from Number 7, It's a Caution from Number 14 and for Blind Willie McTell from Number 23. 

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include living up in the sky in Number 4, playing with "cues" in Number 8 and too, Numbers 22 and 24.

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