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Poetic Express Volume 19

In 2004 my long standing Detroit Street Art project was painted over, see Number 11.  For years I had done drawings on viaduct walls as a bridge between drawing on sidewalks and on buildings. This one, on Woodward, was the longest lasting and most visible of these drawing projects. Also, in September I closed my P.O. Box and started listing a different postal address on the sheets, see Number 18.

Number 9's lost's lament was inspired by a quote from Shakespeare. Number 12 has another odd autobiographical poem. Number 22 has three takes on a message from space.  In Numbers 21 and 22 I forgot to include the month, which was November.

The 18th Dedications Issues in Numbers 23 and 24 include the poem the puddle hunters for poet and writer Tristan Tzara.  For surrealist painter Yves Tanguy, I wrote pilot light.  For musician Cecil Taylor, I wrote Broken Doors.  There is also one poem called earthways for the then recent tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.

Personal Favorites: Number 4's with that which sees, Number 13's poetry as a second language, and Number 23's Broken Doors, and the puddle hunters.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include numbers 4, 6, 18, and 20.

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