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Poetic Express Volume 17

In 2002, the order shifted so that the odd numbers are the issues without the SURREAL THEATRE. The series mainly inspired by objects and places continues. My good friend Jacques Karamanoukian died this year.  Issues Numbers 9 and 10 are in his memory. These include a large drawing and a poem in fractured French.

Number 12 was inspired by my concurrent solo art exhibits at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Detroit, and at the University of Detroit Mercy's main campus library.  The show at Zeitgeist was Art Therapy for a Sick World.  Number 14's Hard Times, Hard Times, Hard Times was in memory of Alan Lomax.   Number 16's the scene of the crime was inspired by my visit to ground zero in New York, the former site of the World Trade Center.  I took time out to create Numbers 19 and 20 on my birthday. Themes in the 16th annual Emotional Digest issues in Numbers 21 and 22 include love, laughter, fury, and fear-mongers.

The 16th Dedications Issues in Numbers 23 and 24 included world -ending contest for Alfred Jarry. For poet Bob Kaufman I wrote Broken Stopwatch.  For cartoonist-animator Bob Clampett I wrote break you. Then, I conjured up a black mirage for surrealist film maker Jan Svankmajer.

Personal favorites: Number 1's the hand that draws, Number 15's the shadows of trees, Number 17's crowd, and Number 23's black mirage.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 2, 4, 10, 14, and 16.

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