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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection
Original name: Conemaugh

Other name(s): Pankakowski; W.W. Atterbury

Ship owner: Erie & Western Transportation Co.; Great Lakes Transit Corp.; O/Y Merviente; U.S. Maritime Commission

Ship builder: Detroit Shipbuilding Co.

Engine builder: Detroit Shipbuilding Co.

Year ship built: 1909

Year engine built: 1909

Final disposition: Scrapped, Hong Kong, in 1954.




b) W.W. Atterbury (1916)

c) Pankakowski (Finnish) (1947)


1) Erie & Western Trans. Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

2) Great Lakes Transit Corp. (1916)

3) U.S. Maritime Commission (1942)

4) O/Y Merviente, Helsingfors, Finland (1948)

Registry number: US. 206558

Hull number: 179

Vessel type: Package freighter

Height: 31

Width: 46

Length: 350

Stroke length: 42

Gross tonnage: 3898

Net tonnage: 2967

Materials: Steel

Engine type: Quadruple expansion

Piston 1: 19

Piston 2: 27.5

Piston 3: 40

Piston 4: 58

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