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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection
Original name: Chief Justice Waite

Ship owner: D.C. Hansen

Ship builder: A.A. Turner, Trenton, Michigan

Engine builder: Detroit Locomotive Works, Detroit, Michigan

Engine re-builder: Fletcher, Detroit, Michigan

Year ship built: 1874

Year engine built: 1862

Final disposition: Junked, 1900, at Chicago.


Engines from sidewheeler "Reindeer", built in 1862


D.C. Hansen, Chicago, Illinois

Registry number: US.125281

Hull number: None

Vessel type: Passenger, sidewheel

Height: 11 ft.

Width: 46 ft.

Length: 188.8 ft.

Stroke length: 110 in.

Gross tonnage: 571

Net tonnage: 443

Materials: Wood

Engine type: Beam, low pressure condensing

Piston 1: 41 in.

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