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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection
Original name: Norfolk

Other name(s): Hsin Hwa

Ship owner: A.G.W.I. Lines; Hsin Chung Steam Navigation Co.

Ship builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works

Engine builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, Michigan

Year ship built: 1916

Year engine built: 1916

Final disposition: Out of Lloyds Register in 1958. No explanation.


Sold Chinese in 1946.



b) Hsin Hwa


1) A.G.W.I. Lines

2) Hsin Chung Steam Navigation Co. (1941) (Chinese) (maybe third owner)

Registry number: US. 214564

Hull number: 157

Vessel type: Laker

Height: 21.5

Width: 43.5

Length: 253

Stroke length: 36

Gross tonnage: 2453

Net tonnage: 1759

Materials: Steel

Engine type: Triple expansion

Piston 1: 17

Piston 2: 29

Piston 3: 50

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