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University of Detroit

One Hundred Fourth Annual

Date (of event): 1987-05-16

Location: Calihan Hall

University president : Mitchell, Robert A., S.J.

Deans: Dobranski, Bernard -- School of Law; Dwyer, John Orr -- College of Liberal Arts; Kent, James A. -- College of Engineering and Science; King, Charles J. -- School of Dentistry; Leon, Bruno -- School of Architecture; Nowak, Arlene T. -- School of Education and Human Services; Ulferts, Gregory W. -- College of Business and Administration

Valedictorian: Janine Denomme; Taylor, Eric

Invocation: McKendrick, Norman G., SJ

Honorary Degree Recipient: Fisher, Charles T., III; Franklin, Aretha; Horwitz, Jerome P., Dr.; Williams, G. Mennen

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