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Subtitle: Old Men with New Views.

Title: Provincial Freeman - July 15, 1854

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

The writer responds to an article published in Frederick Douglass' Paper regarding the status of African Americans living in Canada. He also responds to the idea of maintaining a home for refugees in Canada for African American immigrants there. He tells his readers that the implication is that former slaves cannot take care of themselves. He finds the ideas from this article -- and those from a conference held in the U.S. on this subject -- misleading and absurd. He believes the U.S. has a distorted view of how people of African descent live in Canada.

Description of file(s): three scanned, two columned, newspaper pages

Subtitle: That Box.

Title: Provincial Freeman - November 25, 1854

Speaker or author: S.

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

The writer comments on the charitable efforts of Reverend Foote. He implies that by emphasizing the poverty of former slaves who are arriving in Canada and how helpful the missionaries have been by providing them with clothing, that these fugitives are now content and happy. He believes this type of reporting of the needs of fugitives is doing more harm than good.

Description of file(s): one scanned newspaper column

Subtitle: Rev. C. C. Foote's Begging Operations.

Title: Provincial Freeman - September 9, 1854

Speaker or author: C.

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

The writer offers a critique of Rev. C. C. Foote's thoughts on the status of people of African descent who are migrating to Canada from the U.S. (A portion of this editorial is possibly missing.)

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

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