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Subtitle: Fields for Industry--scope for Enterprise.

Title: Colored American - January 26, 1839

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Colored American (1837 - 1842)

The writer suggests as an alternative to colonizing Africa with free African Americans that the government should open the available acreage within its territories to all Americans regardless of color. He provides a list of acreage available in various states. He is alarmed with how quickly this land is being settled by foreign immigrants. He believes this land is better used by issuing it to African Americans instead.

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

Title: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Speaker or author: Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins, 1825-1911.

Newspaper or publication: National Anti-Slavery Standard

Eloquent speech regarding the ongoing issue of free versus slave state designation as new states enter the Union. The speaker told of her experience as witness to the continued degradation suffered by slaves.

Description of file(s): PDF 4 page, 1,277 word document (text and images)

Subtitle: The Cuban Question.

Title: Frederick Douglass' Paper - June 23, 1854

Speaker or author: Watkins, William J.

Newspaper or publication: Frederick Douglass' Paper (1851 - 18??)

The writer discusses the current crisis in the push to purchase Cuba from Spain. He believes the country is on the verge of war with Spain over this effort.

Description of file(s): two scanned newspaper pages (three columns)

Subtitle: Hunting Land.

Title: Provincial Freeman - July 29, 1854

Speaker or author: C.

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

The writer tells his readers that "crowds" of men are moving into the open territory around Lake Huron to homestead land. He wonders how many of these people are of African descent. He encourages his readers to obtain property in this area while they can.

Description of file(s): two scanned, two columned, newspaper pages

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