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Subtitle: Female Education.

Title: Colored American - March 18, 1837

Speaker or author: Ray, Charles B. (Charles Bennett), 1807-1886

Newspaper or publication: Colored American (1837 - 1842)

The writer notes that the education women receive stresses "manners and grace," with a "smattering" of science. The education women receive is impractical and even though it seeks to prepare them for marriage, it doesn't offer them a way of doing so in any practical sense. He suggests that women be taught household management and other domestic skills to enhance their future well-being whether married or not.

Description of file(s): one scanned, one columned, newspaper page

Title: Martin R. Delany

Speaker or author: Delany, Martin Robison, 1812-1885

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman

Lengthy speech detailing the various ways states were dealing with racial issues. The speaker also touched on issues of colonization and amelioration.

Description of file(s): PDF 19 pages, 4,424 word document (text and images)

Subtitle: Where is Charles O'Conor?

Title: Weekly Anglo-African - August 17, 1861

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Weekly Anglo-African (1859 - 1862)

The writer comments on the views of politician Charles O'Conor regarding the war and the African American race.

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

Title: William Wells Brown

Speaker or author: Brown, William Wells, 1814?-1884

Newspaper or publication: Liberator

Speech regarding England's contribution to the institution of slavery in the U.S. The speaker emphasized the irony of continued slavery even after the slave trade had been outlawed. He noted that some slaveholders inherited slaves from their parents, and continued using "domestic" slave labor even though it was against the law to bring more slaves into the country. England was blamed for starting it, but the U.S. had to be held accountable for continuing this practice.

Description of file(s): PDF 7 page, 2,001 word document (text and images)

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