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Getting started with Blackboard
(Bb Ultra) Adding an announcement

Adding an announcement in Blackboard Ultra is probably one of the first things you will do when you create your course. It's a great way to...

More on (Bb Ultra) Adding an announcement Updated 6/3/20 by A. Cressey
About Blackboard

Blackboard is a web-based platform that enables instructors to offer course content; post and collect assignments, including online tests; provide...

More on About Blackboard Updated 9/30/19 by R. Davidson
Add an assignment

The assignment tool lets you collect work from your students for grading. Almost any file type can be collected via the assignment tool -- Word...

More on Add an assignment Updated 1/23/18 by R. Davidson
Adding an announcement

Announcements are a great way to provide timely course information and stay in touch with your students.  By default, a course announcement will...

More on Adding an announcement Updated 8/29/18 by R. Davidson
Adding an Item – Text, Files, Images, and More

Whether building or maintaining a course site, one of the most common activities is adding files and blocks of text. Depending on the content...

More on Adding an Item – Text, Files, Images, and More Updated 5/22/18 by R. Davidson
Creating a Blackboard folder (and putting things in it)

Just like on your desktop (or laptop or even in your filing cabinet), Blackboard folders are the best way to organize content and keep similar items...

More on Creating a Blackboard folder (and putting things in it) Updated 7/24/18 by R. Davidson
Getting help with Blackboard

The Instructional Design Studio provides the Detroit Mercy community with Blackboard training and support. IDS provides individual and small group...

More on Getting help with Blackboard Updated 8/2/20 by R. Davidson
Getting Started With Blackboard

Blackboard is the center of the online learning experience at the University of Detroit Mercy. Its the online location where you'll interact with...

More on Getting Started With Blackboard Updated 2/28/22 by R. Davidson
I can log into My Portal but I can't log into Blackboard

If your username and password work on My Portal but not on Blackboard, then it may be that your Blackboard account is inactive. Student Bb...

More on I can log into My Portal but I can't log into Blackboard Updated 3/4/19 by N. Blume
Logging in to Blackboard

Use your Detroit Mercy Office 365 username and password to log in to Blackboard. You also use this information to log into to...

More on Logging in to Blackboard Updated 8/31/21 by R. Davidson
Why is my course unavailable?

A Blackboard course site is set to unavailable until the professor turns it on. While some faculty may make course sites available before or at the...

More on Why is my course unavailable? Updated 1/21/20 by N. Blume

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