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Posting to a student journal

This short video walks you through the process of posting to a student journal in Blackboard.

To post to your student journal, first you'll need to locate the journal assignment inside the course site. You may find a "journal" item in the course menu, you may find a link to the journals tool inside a folder, or if all else fails, you'll find JOURNALS on the TOOLS page.

Journals tool

Here you'll find any journal assignments listed. Generally, you re-use the same journal space for multiple postings (in this example, we're required to post in our "Service learning journal" every week. Some courses may have you post to multiple journals -- at this step it's important that you open the correct journal. Just click the journal name to get started reading and posting.

Journal entry on tools page

To create a new post, click the CREATE JOURNAL ENTRY button in the upper left.

Create Entry button

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