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Gifts and donations

The University Library system will accept donations of books, journals, or media as well as monetary contributions from individuals, corporations, or private organizations in accordance with the criteria and procedures which follow. This Gifts and Donations policy will be shared with a donor prior to accepting of any gift.

  • Prospective donors may be asked to provide in advance a list of materials being offered so that the contribution to the support of curricular needs may be assessed.
  • Resources received as gifts will be reviewed with the same standards as applied to new materials being selected for purchase.
  • Gift materials must be of such a nature that they can be integrated into the collection and not require special facilities, control, or staffing, unless authorized by the Dean of University Libraries.
  • Normally, added copies of resources already in the collection will not be accepted. Materials which duplicate items will be accepted on the basis of need for an additional or replacement copy.
  • The contribution to the enhancement of the existing collection will be weighed against space limitations and the cost of processing the materials.
  • The right to retain, refer, or dispose of any gift materials is at the discretion of the librarians or library administrators.
  • Back issues of journals, whether long runs or scattered issues, are declined unless the issues fill a gap in the collection. The exception would be the offer of a rare or costly set which the library does not own.
  • Acknowledgement of gifts and the retention of records for Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Services inquiries is the responsibility of the Office of the Dean of University Libraries.
  • The Library system will abide by the regulations of gifts as outlined in the "Standards for Ethical Conduct for Rare Book, Manuscript, and special Collections Librarians, with Guidelines for Institutional Practice in Support of the Standards, 2d edition, 1992" developed by the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries.
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