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Create and populate student groups

To get started creating a group in Blackboard, click Users and Groups, then choose Groups.

Users and groups menu

When creating groups, you'll need to decide whether you're creating just one group at a time (Single Group) or whether you're creating a number of groups at once (Group Set).

Create Group options

Group Set is the most common type folks use (if you're creating four project groups, why do them individually when you can create them all at once?), so we'll explore that here. Also, the Single Group options are almost exactly the same as the Group Set options -- they're just applied to a single group.

Under Group Set you have three options:

  • Self-Enroll -- Students have the option to add themselves to a group.
  • Random Enroll -- Blackboard adds students to the groups automatically.
  • Manual Enroll -- You select which students go into which groups.

Provide a name and description for your group. When Blackboard generates the group set, the name you give will have a number added to its end by default -- so if you use "Presentation Group" for your name and you generate 3 groups...

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