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Full-Text Open Access Online Journals For Addiction Studies

Addiction Smoking Health Education Service (ASHES)

(Full-text available from 2005 to present)

A research bulletin dedicated to tobacco use and abuse. ASHES provides readers with direct access to the latest scientific information on tobacco addiction

Addiction Treatment Forum

(Available full-text online from 1992 to present)

Reports on substance abuse and addiction therapies, research, news, and events of interest to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Alcohol and Alcoholism

Open access full-text online articles begin with volume 34, no. 3, May-June, 1999. Note: there is a 24-month embargo on current journals. Alcohol and Alcoholism publishes papers on biomedical, psychological and sociological aspects of alcoholism and alcohol research, provided that they make a new and significant contribution to knowledge in the field. Papers include new results obtained experimentally, descriptions of new experimental (including clinical) methods of importance to the field of alcohol research and treatment, or new interpretations of existing results. Theoretical contributions are considered equally with papers dealing with experimental work provided that such theoretical contribution are not of a largely speculative or philosophical nature. Alcohol and Alcoholism is the official journal of the Medical Council on Alcohol.

Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence

(available full-text online from 2004 to present)

A free online newsletter that summarizes the latest clinically relevant research on alcohol, illicit drugs, and health. Through its summaries and other features, the newsletter aims to highlight alcohol and other drug issues and provide valuable information that can be applied in clinical teaching, practice, and research.

Drinking Report for Addiction Medicine (DRAM)

(Available full-text online from 2005 to the present)

Provides readers with direct access to the latest scientific information on alcohol use and abuse.

Harm Reduction Journal

(Available full-text online from 2004 to the present)

Harm Reduction Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal whose focus is on the prevalent patterns of psychoactive drug use, the public policies meant to control them, and the search for effective methods of reducing the adverse medical, public health, and social consequences associated with both drugs and drug policies. We define 'harm reduction' as 'policies and programs which aim to reduce the health, social, and economic costs of legal and illegal psychoactive drug use without necessarily reducing drug consumption'.

Journal Of Gambling Issues

(Available full-text online from 2000 to the present)

A full-text online journal, featuring articles on gambling-related policy, research, treatment, and the experience of gambling. Free automated subscriptions available.

Journal Of Population Therapeutics And Clinical Pharmacology (incorporating Fetal Alcohol Research)

(Available full-text online from 1995 to the present)

Since its inception in 1994, The Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has filled an important gap in therapeutics research in Canada. For ten years, the success of CJCP was the result of the significant vision and efforts of the founding editor, Dr. Neil Shear, and the original publisher Mr. Robert Kalina of Pulsus Inc. of Burlington, Ontario. In April 2004, The Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology was innovative in becoming one of the first peer review, Medline indexed scientific journal in the field of therapeutics to be published on the Internet and available at no charge to the readers. This change reflected a vision and philosophy of the Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology that original information on rational therapeutics needs to be accessible to all health professionals prescribing or administering medications, as well as for all other stakeholders, including patients and families. In the fall of 2007, another transformation took place. The Journal of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome International was amalgamated with the Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, adding to the journal the large membership of Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise (FACE). This Journal, under the leadership of Dr. Gideon Koren, is now entitled Fetal Alcohol Research within the Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. An administrative change took place in 2008. The Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology, the association that had been publishing the CJCP, merged with the Pharmacological Society of Canada to form the Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. This new society will now be responsible for publishing CJCP. In 2010 the journal changed its name to the Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology. This change reflected the international sphere of the authors submitting publications to the journal and as well, the broad scope of topics covered in the journal. In addition to publishing articles in the field of clinical pharmacology the journal has embraced articles related to pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and drug policy, hence 'population therapeutics'.

NIDA Notes

(Available full-text online from 1995 to the present)

NIDA Notes covers drug abuse research in the areas of treatment and prevention, epidemiology, neuroscience, behavioral science, health services, and AIDS. The publication reports on research; identifies resources; and promotes communication among clinicians, researchers, administrators, policymakers, and the public.

Obesity: A Research Journal

The Obesity Society.

Open access full-text online articles begin with volume 8 (2000). This peer-reviewed journal is published 12 times a year by The North American Association for the Study of Obesity.


(Available full-text online from 2002 to the present)

Paradigm is a high quality, 24-page magazine for professionals and individuals interested in addiction-related subjects. Each quarterly issue contains articles written by the staff of the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery and other experts in the field.

Science Threads on Addiction, Substance Use, and Health (STASH)

(Available full-text online from 1996 to the present)

Full-text online newsletter addressing substance use and abuse from The Brief Addiction Science Information Source (BASIS)

Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, And Policy

(Available full-text online from 2006 to the present)

SATPP is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that encompasses all aspects of research concerning substance abuse, with a focus on policy issues. The journal aims to provide an environment for the exchange of ideas, new research, consensus papers, and critical reviews, to bridge the established fields that share a mutual goal of reducing substance abuse. These fields include: legislation pertaining to substance abuse; correctional supervision of substance abusers; medical treatment and screening; mental health services; research; and evaluation of substance abuse programs.

Tobacco Control

(Available full-text online from 1997 to the present)

Tobacco Control is an international peer review journal covering the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide; tobacco's effects on population health, the economy, the environment, and society; efforts to prevent and control the global tobacco epidemic through population level education and policy changes; the ethical dimensions of tobacco control policies; and the activities of the tobacco industry and its allies.

Worldwide Addiction Gambling Education Report (The WAGER)

(Available full-text online from 1996 to the present)

Summaries of the latest research in the field of gambling addiction. Back issues included. Downloadable in pdf format.

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