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A. B. C.; Armstrong, Freer; Babcock, John W.; Babington, S. Meade; Bancroft, Lucian C.; Barry, James P.; Bayard, Gilbert A.; Bonnell, Benjamin F.; Burke, J. Hawley; C. A. L.; Carey, L. J.; Cavanaugh, Harold J.; Charbonneau, Louis H.; Costello, Joseph K.; Cronin, John J.; Dingeman, Henry I.; Dolan, James O.; Dole, Arthur F.; Domzalski, Casimir A.; Donovan, William J.; Echlin, Edward; Farrell, Jerome V.; Fisher, Robert D.; Grant, Cornelius; Greening, Wendell G.; H. O.; Haney, Chester; Harbrecht, Sebastian J.; Healy, Edwin F.; Hogan, Harry V.; Hughes, Ben C.; Hurley, Ignatius B.; J. F.; Jeakle, Herman S.; Jeffries, James J.; Kelly, Raymond J.; Kennedy, Paul V.; Kinnucan, Henry L.; Kinnucan, J. Dwyer; Kleiner, Alphonse W.; L. D.; La Joie, Ernest A.; Leahy, J. Gibbons; Lendzion, Leonard; Lenihan, Emmett; Lingeman, Cyril A.; Lingemann, Cyril A.; Lochbihler, Marshall L.; Lonyo, Louis C.; Martin, David V.; Meade, Frank J.; Minardo, Cosmino; Neudorfer, John; O'Brien, John J.; Packowski, Joseph E.; Parker, John J.; Reynolds, John A.; Riopelle, Oscar; Smith, Joseph C.; Steiner, Celestine J.; Sullivan, Charles J.; Sullivan, Edmund B.; Sullivan, J. Dufton; Sweeney, E. Donovan; Toomey, Lawrence J.; W. O'D.; Walsh, Clune J.; Weber, William G.

"If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."; A Trip to the Panama Exposition; Advice; Arts and Science, '15; Ashes of Roses; Bad News; Catholic Patriotism on the Battlefield; Compulsory Arbitration and the Strike; Dooley, William F., SJ; Education and the State; Forget-Me-Nots; Heat and Light of Sun Not Real; His Gift; John Milton; Law; Law '15; Leadership and its Penalty; Legal Regard for Sunday; Lit. '15; Looking Forward (Dedicated to the Seniors of 1915); Mysteries; Nerve; Officers Philalethic Debating Society; Only a Word; Poe--A Reverie; Prayer; Replacing Pins in the Williamsburg Bridge; Scenes from Panama-California Exposition, San Diego; Senior Law Class; Senior Law Meditations; Solving the Fuel Problem for the Motor Trucks; Stella Mars; The 1915 "J" Hop; The Canary; The Class of '15; The College Elocution Contest; The Ethics of Art; The Faster Words Flow The Scarcer Ideas Grow; The Future of the Moving Pictures; The Influence of Hugo Grotius on International Law; The New Engineering Building; The Other Enemy; The Philalethic Debating Society; The Power of a Song; The Rose; The Tamarack--Business Managers; The Tamarack--Editorial Staff; The Triangular Debate; The Unknown Hero; The Violet; Thomas Gray, Scholar and Poet; To Music; Twilight Thoughts; U. of D. 'Varsity; U. of D. Debating Team; U. of D. Glee Club; U. of D. Minims; William Wordsworth


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